Statement from Senator Anna Kaplan on Supreme Court Decision Overturning NY Gun Law

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CARLE PLACE, NY (JUNE 23, 2022) – State Senator Anna M. Kaplan (D-North Hills) issued the following statement on today’s Supreme Court ruling overturning a New York law that limits people from carrying concealed handguns:

Senator Anna M. Kaplan said “For a century, New York has had common-sense laws on the books that protected residents from the threat of gun violence by regulating who can have a gun, and where they may carry it. Today, an activist Supreme Court packed with ultra-conservative Justices upended a century of legal precedent, and put the safety of every New Yorker at risk.

Public safety is my top priority, and I refuse to let our communities fall victim to the unnecessary pain and suffering that gun violence inflicts. As we unpack the full impact of this decision on our existing gun safety laws, I am eager to work with Governor Hochul and my colleagues in the Legislature on legislation to address this radical and dangerous decision by the Court, and I stand ready to return to session to get it done as quickly as possible.”